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Crowdfunding - NEW album "Le Désert"

Lizzie Artist chanson singer French song songwriter Anne Laure Etienne photographer


     From shore to shore, from cliffs to deserts, Lizzie's music is an intimate and intense journey.

She loves great artists of the French Song but also feels really inspired by folk music, as it rocked her childhood.

    Her first loves were the piano, Chopin and Barbara... but at 15, Lizzie discovered the guitar and James Taylor... then folk guitare became an everyday partner. 

    And then Fado cast anchor in her Life. Lizzie fell in love with Portuguese language, literature and the Portuguese traditional music. After a year spent in Lisbon, in Alfama -  the most fadist place of the capital - the poetical and musical art of Fado has turned into a guide for her voice and her songs.

     « Navigante » is the first album of Lizzie. It's the result of years spent searching and creating her own music: a "French song" colored by folk music and the untranslatable "saudade".

     The "saudade" is a kind of melancholic happiness, it's like positively missing something or someone, it's when nostalgia is mixed with joy. Lizzie's songs are imbued with that emotion.


     Lizzie navigates over her feelings, on uncertain oceans... on the edge of cliffs, shared with desire, dream and poetry. 

photo @ Anne-Laure ETIENNE

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